How VictoryPoll Can Help

Most candidates are busy answering all the questions their voters never asked or care about. We know that people’s brains don’t want to spend time trying to figure things out. It wants easy and simple answers. Our decade’s worth of campaign experience and Neuroscience tells us that people are interested in issues that relate to them and they vote for candidates who speak to their needs and desires. The problem is that most candidates have no idea what messages work with which voters. Moreover, most candidates don’t have the money to afford expensive polling or have a team of data scientist on staff to direct them. That’s why we created VictoryPoll.


Polling is one of the most powerful campaign tools and is a must for every campaign-no matter the size. As a member of VictoryPoll, we have given you a free tool to use to do polling yourself, however, many candidates need help or want us to do the polling for them. We can handle every aspect of your poll for you and explain how to put the data to use.

Digital Advertising

We will take your polling data and translate that into digital ads that move voters. We can create the ads for you and we will place your ads using our state of the art technology that pin points the right ads, with the right voters, at the right time.

Texting Voters

Candidates are still sending mailers, putting ads on TV and knocking on doors to drum up support. But they’ve added a new, hard-to-ignore tool to their arsenal: personalized text messages sent to voters’ phones. In a mobile-first age when TV ads are skipped and email inboxes automatically filter out junk and promotions, it’s not surprising that campaigns are desperate for a tool that can reliably get voters’ attention. SMS text message is the perfect way to influence voters, spread a message, and get their attention.

Email Contact

What if you could reach every voter friend-to-friend through email? Voter e-mail contact is a powerful and easy to use friend-to-friend outreach platform that enables supporters of any cause or campaign to utilize their personal address books to identify and connect with eligible voters. VictoryPoll combines the efficiency of email with the personal touch of phone and door to increase your campaign’s name identification. Use the one-click email sign-up feature to enable your canvassers to quickly invite their friends to join the campaign’s email list.

Direct Mail

Compelling political direct mail is creative, succinct, creates a relationship with the voter, and is structured around a vote goal specified in your campaign plan. People still read political direct mail, particularly older voters who are most likely to vote. Political direct mail is still very much relevant and is important in advocacy and political campaign efforts.

Campaign Websites

An election campaign website is not just a digital brochure for the candidate. It can help you in other aspects of the campaign from volunteer recruitment to fundraising. The campaign website establishes your visibility when a curious voter types in your name on Google. Through the site, you can lay out a route for the voter to discover more about the candidate and finally commit to vote for them.

Social Media

Political candidates must invest in digital marketing if they want to win. We will help you in every aspect of social media from writing effective posts to targeting your voters with the right messages to getting and keeping them updated and engaged with your campaign.

Campaign Coaching

Collectively, we have over 100 years’ worth of campaign experience on our team. We represent every political party and have worked in every size race in the United States. We can help set-up your campaign fundraising operation and coach you through every aspect of your race. We will tilt the playing field to your advantage by working with us.


VictoryPoll has helped candidates raise millions of dollars and we can help you raise what you need to win.

Data Analytics

VictoryPoll can take advantage of our existing comprehensive suite of issue scores. These help large campaigns save on custom analytics, and allow even the smallest campaigns to access the best in big data and micro-targeting. Use our custom predictive models to help your campaign reach its best audience.

Campaign Store

By being a member, you will get discounts on all of your campaign material.

Voter Lists

Your campaign’s voter file is the foundation of your voter outreach and analytics and can shape every part of your strategy. Why trust any file but the best? VictoryPoll delivers the highest quality voter file on platforms that make this high-quality data usable. VictoryPoll can provide all of this data nationwide and make it affordable.

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