VictoryPoll Pricing

VictoryPoll Pricing

Easy. Powerful. Affordable.

VictoryPoll was developed so that all candidates - regardless of their experience, party affiliation or the size of their budget — could have access to meaningful and powerful polling data. No matter what office you are running for, you cannot serve well without knowing the will of the people. And you cannot serve at all without first being elected. For too long, the power of effective and meaningful political polling has been available to only the extremely well-funded campaigns.
That's why VictoryPoll is not only powerful and easy to use, but it’s affordable as well. One price for any candidate - no matter what size office or district. Conduct as many polls as you need to get the data you need to win.

VictoryPoll Pricing

Annual Price: $499 - Do your own polls - unlimited use


Let us make the calls for you

Three Options (each option includes your $499 annual fee)
A.) 8 questions*, 400 responses: $1,500
B.) 8 questions*, 300 responses: $1,200
C.) 8 questions*, 200 responses: $999

*$50 per additional question

Also Includes:
Polls Unlimited
Membership to The Campaign Momentum Club** FREE
Access to the weekly "Campaign War Room" call in** FREE
One hour free set up consultation FREE
**Campaign Momentum Club
20 powerful PowerPoint presentations that will help you run your campaign. Everything is included from campaign message development to how to raise money.

Don't Let Unanswered Questions Keep You From Winning Your Campaign.
FREE access to our campaign call in Q & A: "The Campaign War Room"
EVERY Thursday from 11:00AM EST to 12:00PM.
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