How VictoryPollTM Works


Upload Voter List

Your Voter List Database is your list of all voters available to you. VictoryPollTM allows you to upload voter lists from a basic spreadsheet format to create your own master database. From this list, individuals will be randomly selected for calling when your polls are conducted, according to demographics established when the poll was created. Upload from a simple spreadsheet-type file to create or revise your database.

Create Poll

To create a new poll, give it a descriptive name and then establish a greeting statement and closing statement for each call. Next, create the questions and responses for your poll. Once you have created at least two questions, you can click-and-drag to re-order them. At the end of each answer, you can use "skip-logic" select to which question the conductor should next be directed if that answer is selected. (For example, to the question "Are you planning on voting in the upcoming election?", if the answer is "Yes" you could lead the poll to "Next Question" and if the answer is "No" you could lead them to "Skip To End" and end the poll.) After creating your poll questions and making your demographic and poll conductor assignments, you can either click save it, come back and edit it later, or publish it to be conducted.

Publish Poll

After you have finalized your poll, publish it and it is ready to be conducted.

Conduct Poll

Simply log in and select a poll assigned to you. Call the first phone number on the screen and read the prompts, questions and responses as they are presented to you. Log each respondent's answer as it is given. As each response is logged, the next question appears. As each call is concluded, the next call appears. All calls are self-directed and easy to conduct for even the most inexperienced conductor.

View Poll Results

Analyze the compiled results of your individual poll questions in graphical format. See how the results break down question-by-question or by various demographics. Or download your poll results in a cross-tabulated spreadsheet format for further, in-depth analysis.
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