VictoryPollTM Features

fast polls and easy polls

Fast & Easy

Creating and conducting your own political polls by phone has never been easier. Without previous experience, any candidate can quickly have access to the kind of voter data that was previously available only to the most well-financed campaigns. Just follow the simple, online instructions and you will soon be analyzing the most current voter campaign data available.
multiple poll question types

Question Types

Get to the heart of an issue by phrasing the question just the way you want. Is the question best stated as a "True/False", "Rate it from 1 to 5" or "Multiple Choice"? The type and number of responses is all up to you.
unlimited polls

Unlimited Polls

For one affordable price, you can conduct as many polls as you like, as often as you like. Conduct your poll. Analyze the results. Revise the questions accordingly and conduct it again. Get to the heart of an issue without restraints on how many times or how often you can poll. Become an expert on where your constituency stands on each and every issue.
question reordering branching jumping

Re-Ordering & Skip-Logic

As you are creating your poll, move the questions around into a different order if you like. What about using "skip-logic", depending on a particular response? For example, to the question "Are you planning on voting in the upcoming election?" — if the answer is "Yes" you could lead the poll to "Next Question" and if the answer is "No" you could lead them to "Skip To End" and end the poll.
focus on demographics

Focus On Demographics

Develop individual polls for specific demographics - by gender, voting district, geographical area, age, marital status, party affiliation, voting history and more. Or conduct polls for a general audience but analyze results by specific demographics.
cahrt your poll results

Chart Your Results

See the results of each question as a simple pie chart. Analyze the responses by gender, party, marital status, district, etc. Download the complete cross-tabulated results in spreadsheet format for in-depth analysis.
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