Who Says Republicans and Democrats Can’t Work Together?

Volition Software was created by a passionate political veterans who want to solve a problem.

Matt Wyatt

Matt Wyatt was raised in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and has had a passion for politics since he was 5 years old. In 1992, Matt and a friend traveled to New Hampshire to work for a little-known Governor from Arkansas named Bill Clinton. Matt worked in that famous 92’ primary along with several others and has worked in politics for the past twenty years.

While managing a local race in 2006, Matt became frustrated with the political polling process, especially for smaller races. Matt had the idea that every candidate should have access to political polling — not just the candidates who could afford it. That is when the idea for VictoryPoll was born.

As President and CEO, Matt’s number one goal is to make sure that every candidate — Democrat, Republican, and Independent — has the tools they need to do their job effectively. Campaigns are hard enough and knowing where you need to go is vital to every campaign. Furthermore, knowing if your message is working is key to victory. VictoryPoll was developed by political veterans who first wanted and needed this product.

Continually developing powerful tools for candidates and campaigns is what we are all about. VictoryPoll will help tilt the playing field to your advantage.

Matt graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Political Science. Matt and his wife Andrea live in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and have two boys.
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