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Create Your Own Political Polls

Powerful. Easy. Affordable.

Candidates for political office need quality polling data to run a winning campaign. VictoryPoll allows you to take full advantage of current technology and shows you how to conduct your own in-house polls - at a price that any candidate can afford.

Fresh, accurate polling data is the only way you can be sure your campaign message is on target. With an on-target message, your direct mail, radio, TV and print ads will capture more votes than you thought possible.

Now, for the first time, candidates for any size office can use the power of polling data to win. VictoryPollTM gives your campaign the data that will tilt the political playing field to your advantage.

2102 Award Winner

AAPC 2012 Annual Pollie Award Winner
"Best Use New Technology"

How Victory Poll Works


1. Upload Voter List from basic spreadsheet formats to create your own master database for telephone polling.

2. Create Poll - Name your poll and then follow the simple instructions to create questions and responses, set demographic goals and assign the poll to your desired poll conductor(s).

3. Publish Poll - After you have finalized your poll, publish it and it is ready to be conducted.

4. Conduct Poll - Simply log in, call the phone number on the screen and read the prompts, questions and responses as they are presented to you. Check off the appropriate response and continue until the poll is completed.

5. View Poll Results - Analyze the compiled results of your polls and see how they break down — question-by-question, by various demographics or cross-tabulate the results.

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